How To Save Money On Your Car | Mercedes, TX

Save Money On Your Car | Mercedes, TX

New cars are expensive, which is why family-owned Bert Ogden Auto Outlet specializes in selling used cars, trucks, and SUVs more affordably to our South Texas community. But after buying the car, there are still great ways to save money:

Take it easy

Speeding and aggressive braking are not only dangerous, but they are also inefficient. By driving more slowly, taking advantage of coasting, and reducing the amount of stop-and-start driving, you’ll increase fuel economy and thus spend less money on fuel. Added bonus: Being a safe driver also means you will get a lower quote for your monthly insurance premium; tickets and accidents are a surefire way to drive up insurance costs.

Replace your cabin air filter

A dirty cabin air filter means an AC that runs inefficiently. Again, a more efficient vehicle means money in your pocket.

Stay on top of car maintenance

Keep up with important vehicle maintenance milestones, like oil changes, tire rotations, wheel alignments, battery testing, brake work, and spark plug replacement. While these services will cost money, they will save you in the long run, as affordable routine maintenance prevents expensive repairs on damaged vehicle systems.

Wash and wax your car

Protect your vehicle’s resale value by keeping it looking good.

Check out the large inventory of high-quality vehicles at Bert Ogden Auto Outlet in Mercedes, Texas.




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