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Tips to Improve Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage - Bert Ogden Auto Outlet - Mercedes, TX

Whether you are driving the family on this year’s road trip or just running errands here in Mercedes, Texas, you can save a great deal of money on fuel costs (and be a more eco-responsible driver) by following these tips to improve your vehicle’s gas mileage:


Watch The Lead Foot And Heavy Braking

Fast acceleration and frequent braking only to speed back up again can be the biggest drain on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Stick to the speed limit, coast when possible, and avoid hard stops and fast acceleration.


Properly Inflate Your Tires

Underinflated tires can lead to lower fuel economy. Especially when temperatures cool off in the winter, regularly check your tire pressure and inflate as necessary.


Stay On Top Of Routine Maintenance

Oil changes are important for a lot of reasons, including long-term engine health. Routine oil changes also do wonders for your fuel economy. Stay on top of your vehicle’s necessary maintenance by servicing your vehicle with a Bert Ogden dealership regularly.


Clean Out Your Car

If you regularly drive around with heavy equipment in the trunk or truck bed (think tools, golf bags, dog crates, and more), empty out your vehicle when you don’t need those items. Reducing weight can greatly improve fuel economy. Likewise, if you go kayaking, remove the kayaks when not on one of your outdoor adventures. Not only does this reduce weight, but it also reduces drag and makes your vehicle more aerodynamic.


Pay Attention To AC And Window Use

Running the air conditioner is inherently inefficient. If the weather is nice, keep the AC off. However, if you roll down the windows to avoid using the AC, keep in mind that it’s actually less efficient to use windows over AC once you hit about 55 mph, due to drag.


Don’t Idle

If your car will be stopped for more than 20 seconds, it’s more efficient to turn it off and back on than to idle.

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