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Why Buy a Used Ford F-150 | Bert Ogden Auto Outlet | Mercedes, TX

For more than 40 years in a row, the Ford F-150 has been America’s best-selling vehicle. That doesn’t happen by mistake. Drivers across the country know the value, reliability, and power that the Ford F-150 carries, so they continue to buy them time and again.

Are you shopping for an F-150? Consider buying a used Ford F-150 at Bert Ogden Auto Outlet. There are several major reasons to buy a used Ford F-150 from us.



When you purchase a brand-new vehicle, it loses a huge chunk of value the second it leaves the lot. But when you buy a used truck, it doesn’t take that huge depreciation hit. The F-150 will be significantly cheaper to buy pre-owned because it’s already taken that depreciation hit. So, you’re making a more financially sound investment.

Ford F-150s can get expensive thanks to their massive engines, towing packages, and wide range of upgrades and unique features. Buying used keeps the cost manageable.


Good Investment

Drivers obviously love the Ford F-150. If you buy one used, not only will you save money, you also stand to make a lot of money back when you sell it or trade it in. Ford F-150s are always in high demand and are built with high resale potential.



Ford designed the F-150 to last. Thanks to advanced engine technology and durable materials, an F-150 could run for decades. That takes away any doubt you might have about buying a used truck. When you buy a used Ford F-150 — especially one that has been well cared for — you can expect many more years of safe, reliable driving.


Insurance Savings

Used vehicles are cheaper to insure than their brand-new versions, which means you’ll save money by insuring a used Ford F-150 over a new one.



Sometimes, buying a pre-owned car limits you to the features that the original driver opted for. But when you are shopping for a used version of the country’s most popular truck, chances are good you’ll easily find what you are looking for just by the sheer number of Ford F-150s on the market. We have a ton of them here in stock at Bert Ogden Auto Outlet.

We invite you to see our selection of pre-owned trucks at Bert Ogden Auto Outlet, including a wide assortment of used F-150 trucks from the past decade.


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