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Why Buy A Used Luxury Car - Bert Ogden Auto Outlet - Mercedes, TX

Luxury cars, trucks, and SUVs boast sophisticated styling, advanced technologies, and comfort and convenience features that are unparalleled, but they aren’t always within everyone’s car-buying budget. That’s why buying a used luxury vehicle makes so much more sense. Here are a few reasons to consider buying a used luxury model:


Luxury is affordable

New luxury vehicles carry hefty price tags. When you buy used, though, you get the same luxury features at a much more affordable price point. Buying a used luxury vehicle means you don’t take the initial depreciation hit that the first buyer experiences as soon as driving the new car off the lot. You’ll also have a lower down payment and smaller monthly payments than you would buying a new luxury model, and your insurance premiums should be lower as well, because insuring a used car is generally cheaper than insuring new.


Safety is paramount

Safety technology tends to be several years ahead in luxury vehicles. Think of luxury cars as the breeding ground for all advances in safety tech. That means, when you buy a luxury vehicle that is just a few years old, chances are good you’ll be getting the same or better safety features you would find in brand new mass market vehicles.


Maintenance is glorious

You will likely have your used luxury model serviced at a dealership of that vehicle’s make. Luxury automakers typically provide a heightened experience when you get your vehicle serviced, such as free loaners, comfier waiting areas, and other perks.


Reliability is higher

Luxury cars, by virtue of being more expensive, are built to last. That makes used models a solid investment because you can count on them being around for years to come, as long as you keep up with the proper maintenance schedule.

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