Automotive Uses For WD-40 | Mercedes, TX

Automotive Uses for WD-40 | Mercedes, TX

Paper clips, duct tape, and WD-40: With these three tools, you will have all you’ll ever need.

OK, maybe not actually, but WD-40 does serve a lot of different uses around the house and, as it turns out, around the car. Here are some unique ways to make use of the resource:

Get rid of bumper stickers 

Whether you are tired of an old bumper sticker or bought a car used and just want to get rid of the previous owner’s personality, WD-40 is great for removing the stickers. Spray down the sticker and then peel off with a razor blade.

Prevent frozen locks

While here in Mercedes, Texas, we do not typically have to worry about our car door locks freezing, it can be useful when visiting our friends up north. If you are driving a used car with manual locks, spray some WD-40 onto the lock before temperatures drop, which will help prevent ice from forming.

Keep bugs off your grille

Coming home from a road trip only to find the entire face of your car smattered with dead bugs is a gross feeling. But if you are proactive, you can avoid it altogether. Just spray down your grille and surrounding area with WD-40, and those suckers will slide right off as they hit your car.

Eradicate tree sap residue

If you made the unfortunate mistake of parking beneath a tree that is dripping with sap, you can easily remove it by simply applying some WD-40 and wiping away using a microfiber cloth. If there is any left, finish the job with soap and water.

Eliminate oil stains in your garage or driveway

Is there a pesky oil stain on your garage floor or driveway beneath where you usually park your car? Spray it down with WD-40 and then use a hose to wash it away.

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